Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Allow me to explain..

So if you're wonderin where I've been in the past few months, or even if you weren't, this is my blog so I'm gonna tell you!

In April I was
chillin on the yard.

In May I was
doin my thug-dizzle.

And in June I was
On the beach..

This is just for kicks. Peep me back in the day. Yea it was like that! LOL

And that, in summary, has been what has been keeping me occupied. Not to mention working 2 jobs, studying for the LSAT, getting my body right, and preparing for my up and coming senior year at the Mecca.

Kanye @ Facebook

Peep my nigga Ye at the Facebook offices. Spittin. In his fresh ass suit. Impressin dese white folks. LOL

Come on Somebody!?

If you know me even a little bit then you know all my fancys were tickled when I saw this! I will be testing out this concept asap! I already see how I can do it!
Via: highsnobette.com

Japanese Rice Mural

I saw this on the news today and I was completely blown away! Enough to hop back on after my hiatus and tell yal about it! Def have to add seeing this to my bucket list!

While the western world has their crop circles, the rice paddies of Japan are graced with elaborate murals quite apparently made with human hands. These Japanese Rice Murals are a part of a Japanese tradition in two farming towns, Inakadate and Yonezawa, Japan. The paddy art in Inakadate, for example, spans 15,000 square meters and can only be seen from the air or atop a tower in the local castle. This art has been celebrated in Japan, capturing the curiosity of the local spirit and making their labor — the raising of rice — an art in and of itself.
Via: thecoolist.com

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guess Who I Brought Back?

LOL that was in my Envy69 voice if any of you are familiar. LOL well anyway clearly i been hibernatin but i couldn't sleep on the opportunity to show yal this video of Khia LOL

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Erykah Badu "Jump in the Air (Stay There)

Erykah Badu will always have a special place in my heart. And i dig kaleidoscopes so yea its cool lol...

We Are The World 25 For Haiti

I couldn't let this pass without posting.... My thoughts? Wyclef, Pink, Celine Dion and Jennifer Hudson killed and shouts out to Kanye. Now the autotune clan Weezy/Akon?T-Pain coulda did without them and that lil rappin part wit LL that could go too...

Friday, February 12, 2010


Peep the loafers! Who's bad?

Who's Bad?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

GoodWood NYC

I ordered this piece from GoodWood NYC. It came today I was so excited but it being wood.. It was broken on the parts that connect to the chain. I'm kinda sad I gotta send it back but I'll be just as excited the second time around. They got some real nice pieces I think its so cool!

Sade: Making the Album

Sade's Soldier of Love Album drops next week! I've heard it and it's amazing!

B.o.B. - May 25th

Excuse me for being tardy for the party but if you have yet to download this mixtape please do. NOW! Click HERE to download

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cudi's Kilt

Stuff like this make you start speakin in a language most white folks don't even understand.. "I mean its whatever doe. He still out here. I mean wassup? Its nothin" LOL i love Cudi so it really don't even matter. Maybe its the shirt tho? LOL

Creative Rec on they NEW NEW!

I see you!!

Lil Wayne - On Fire

I can always appreciate I nice Weezy video and I LOVE! what Cool & Dre did on the beat..

Nemo - Vibrations

So I love this joint! I gave Nemo my feedback and I went so hard for how I love the order the songs were in. Turn outs my itunes put them shits in any order so my interpretation was all wrong but I swear thats the way it should be LOL.

Click HERE to download

b.Flare why hast thou forsaken me...

I know thats what yal been askin lol but I promise I haven't! I have been surprising busy on this break. Went to ATL for New Years *pics coming soon* That was completely bananas! Shouts out to all my college friends! And I've been car shopping ever since I've been back. The car thing has been so stressful on me I actually just had to give up and pray on things and maybe look again in some months... But any who ITS 2010!!!!! a new decade! apparently (i'd argue that the new decade starts in 2011 since the first year was 1) but that neither here nor there. I hope for bigger and better things for b.Flare this year I guess?? I mean its just a past time I enjoy but if things got better that would be cool... yal kno i don even do this writing thing too much so Peace and Blessing to you all and I'm off to Blog!!