Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cudi's Kilt

Stuff like this make you start speakin in a language most white folks don't even understand.. "I mean its whatever doe. He still out here. I mean wassup? Its nothin" LOL i love Cudi so it really don't even matter. Maybe its the shirt tho? LOL

Creative Rec on they NEW NEW!

I see you!!

Lil Wayne - On Fire

I can always appreciate I nice Weezy video and I LOVE! what Cool & Dre did on the beat..

Nemo - Vibrations

So I love this joint! I gave Nemo my feedback and I went so hard for how I love the order the songs were in. Turn outs my itunes put them shits in any order so my interpretation was all wrong but I swear thats the way it should be LOL.

Click HERE to download

b.Flare why hast thou forsaken me...

I know thats what yal been askin lol but I promise I haven't! I have been surprising busy on this break. Went to ATL for New Years *pics coming soon* That was completely bananas! Shouts out to all my college friends! And I've been car shopping ever since I've been back. The car thing has been so stressful on me I actually just had to give up and pray on things and maybe look again in some months... But any who ITS 2010!!!!! a new decade! apparently (i'd argue that the new decade starts in 2011 since the first year was 1) but that neither here nor there. I hope for bigger and better things for b.Flare this year I guess?? I mean its just a past time I enjoy but if things got better that would be cool... yal kno i don even do this writing thing too much so Peace and Blessing to you all and I'm off to Blog!!