Monday, January 24, 2011

b.Flare in 2011

I got a new attitude...

New Year's w/ my girls..

I'm about to graduate. I'm applying to law school. I'm working on my mind, body, and soul..

I feel on top of the world, well the club at least. LOL

Black & Yellow

Been gone for a minute but right back into it...

So yal know I was #teamYember all day long! This pic is still my twitter background. But there is a new sheriff in town..

Amber & Wiz! Call me a trader but I LOVE them together! Kanye treated Amber to the finer things and life and that's cool but I feel like Wiz makes her happy! The happiness that money can't buy...

She even good wit Mom Dukes and mamas know best so all yal chickenheads can jus be quite! LOL