Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan @ Howard University

This past weekend I was given the honor and privilege to personally hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, speak on the campus of my soon to be Alma Mater Howard University. If nothing else I can truly say I thank God Almighty for the opportunity.

I am by all means a follower of Jesus Christ, some would call "Christian" but in the words of the he who introduced the Minister, my respectable colleague Melech Thomas, "[all things work together] to display the majestic glory of God." Therefore I'd be a fool to turn a deaf ear to the teaching and preachings of my brothers and sisters of the Nation or any other faith for that matter.

I could attempt to summarize all the words that Minister Farrakhan bestowed upon us but instead I will encourage you to see for yourself.

What I will share is my personal experience with Minister Farrakhan's energy. The man is truly remarkable to say the least. The Nation of Islam is arguably a very militant organization so even the thought of being faced with their leader could certainly intimidate most. But upon his entrance I could not help but feel the same feeling in which he expressed, joy. He greeted us all with joy and happiness for he too considered this meeting a privilege because he has been banned from several black colleges across the nation. He considered it as "one of the sweetest moments that [he has] had in a long time." What a coincidence because I consider it one of the sweetest moments I have had at my tenure at Howard University!

His words were not harsh or cold and he spoke with truth and ration. He warned that we as college students be just as critical of a thinker with him as we would, matter of fact should be of anyone who stands before us to engage in intellectual thinking. I enjoyed the most his sense of humor. It was very clear to me how he has been able to gain so many followers and not through tools of deceit or rhetoric.

I could go on and on and on but I think it'd be in all who take the time to even have read this far's best interest to listen and see for yourself. Here's the link again.

I will leave you with some quotes that may evoke a drive to hear the whole story...

"In a world like this, those who can change your mind and help you change your future have all been hated"

"In the Quran it is called the Hereafter. In the Bible it is Heaven. Do you think you have to die to go there?"

"Look at America. Do you think you have a future in this?"

"A man who will never treat you right will never teach you right"

"When you fall into a strange land and adopt the way of the stranger, it comes out of your mouth.. What comes out of your mouth is a witness bearer of your mind"

"If you don't know Satan you can not get free from him"

"You can not tell the truth on them because the truth illuminates the wrong doing they've done behind the scenes"

I was scared cuz the Nation got that top flight security but I managed to sneak in this pic.